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New or Used Generators?

Our range of new and used diesel generators has a power output of 15KVA to 2500KVA. We stock only the best and most reliable machines (see sample - used) - generally the big five: Caterpillar, Cummins, Lister, Perkins and Volvo.

Each new generator comes with a 12 month warrenty. We also strive to provide a full and detailed service history for our used machines.

3 cylinder generator supplied by AbtechWhen selecting one of our used generators the mode of operation will affect certain vital characteristics of a generating set.

The operating characteristics of the set must be matched to these demands. It should be remembered that equipment designed for automatic standby duty is different to equipment for manual prime duty.

The engine must conform to Standards EGSA 101S and ISO 3046. Diesel engines are generally selected for generating set use, and this standard has been set with this in mind.

Generators for industrial use have to supply heavy overload currents for a short period of time, which may result in a momentary voltage dip. These cases need to be evaluated to ensure that the generator is able to limit the voltage dip and then recover to normal voltage in a specified time.

Our used diesel generators offer very real and substaintial savings over their new equivalent. Where capital cost is critical an Abtech reconditioned gen set is often a more cost effective solution than a new machine. Our used sets represent outstanding value for our customers. You can purchase used sets with confidence that you are purchasing a quality machine giving great savings on the new price.

If new generators are preferred then Abtech is highly competitive, email us now or follow one of the links on this site to get our latest prices.

For all types of generators - no one can match our prices and service.


ABtech Power is one of the UK's leading gen set providers, with over 25 years experience. We have supplied thousands of sets to companies and individuals throughout the world.

We specialise in used gen sets, and always have hundreds of machines available powered by engines from all the major manufacturers - CAT, Lister, Cummins, Volvo and Perkins.

Our range of generators covers most household, commercial and industrial applications. ABtech products are supplied fully tested, in good working order and we offer service and spares support. We have a reputation for quality and reliability. Our sets arrive on time and work reliably from day one. Our worldwide service partners provide routine and preventative maintenance at competitive rates.

Our customers also benefit from support from a wide and expert network of distributors and agents.

Wherever you are - you are never far from an ABtech dealer.

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